Why I Wrote a Book: Part 1



"So, what made you decide to write a book?"


Since the release of my first book, 30 Days to Thriving, the question I've heard the most is this one. More than what the book is about, people want to know WHY I decided to write a book in the first place. It's a valid question and, frankly, one I've had to ask myself on a regular basis throughout the entire process. I will answer that question for you further in part two later this week, but first...a little of the back story.


"I see you writing a book."


I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say this to me over the course of my life. I've heard it so often, in fact, that I would have felt like I completely missed my life's purpose had I not ever buckled down and actually written a book. Because, for some reason, whether by some sort of sixth sense or heavenly inkling, strangers and friends alike seemed to see me as an author for most of my life.


There was the time I was co-leading a trip to England for our youth group when a complete stranger approached me to say, "I see you writing a book." I can still see her wild mohawk-style hairdo and hear her British accent. Katherine blew me away with her boldness and her ability to read my life as though she knew me better than I knew myself. And while I can't remember all that she said, I do recall the weight of her words and how I felt seen and called to write by the God of the universe through the prophetic words of this young woman.


Within that same year, a friend of mine had a series of dreams in which each dream revealed a little more than the first. It started out with a golden feather pen and then that pen was writing something. The words on the paper turned to gold and, as the dreams progressed, every detail that unfolded caused my friend to feel that what was being written by this unseen writer was worth its weight in gold. It wasn't until the final dream that my friend, the dreamer, had his first glimpse of me, the writer. It was the imagery from his dreams that marked me with the nickname "Golden Pen" and also inspired the name of my own publishing company, Goldenpen Media.


While both of these stories date all the way back to the mid-90's, they are just a couple examples of the types of encounters I've had with God's earthly messengers for over two decades. A more recent story is from April of last year. With only about a day's notice, I found myself on a spontaneous road trip with a friend down to Joshua Tree. While she went on a photography tour for a few days, I was on my own in the quiet of our little hotel in the desert. I hardly knew what to do with myself, but felt that this time was somehow important and that God had a purpose for my being there. Since I hadn't visited my former home in the Palm Springs area in twelve years, I decided to take a day to do just that. And I couldn't go all that way without visiting my dear friends and spiritual parents, Albie & Helen Pearson.

A Message from an Angel


Albie, once a famous baseball player known as "the littlest Angel," has always had a way of speaking into my life at pivotal moments. And this visit would prove to be no different. My late husband, Peter, was like a son to Albie. And while Albie and I had spoken on the phone since Peter's passing, I hadn't seen him in person in over three years. From the moment I entered the Pearson's familiar home, I knew that my time with them was the reason why I was on this trip at all. Before I even had a chance to update Albie on my life or tell him about the fork at the road I had found myself in, he was sitting before me saying these words:


"Jennifer, I was just praying for you. I saw something that you need to judge. I'm not offended if this doesn't bear witness with you. But I saw you writing and writing. I saw you writing of redemption...of hope."


All I could do was laugh. You see, Albie didn't yet know that I had entered into this time away from my family with a petition before God. I was prayerfully considering whether I should pursue a full-time career complete with full benefits or take what might seem to be the less lucrative path...pursuing my dream and apparent calling of becoming an author.


Now I had my answer. It was time to bring out my golden pen.


{Stay tuned for part 2...coming soon...}


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